When Jaguar Wasn't Boring: The XK Engine

Originally published at: When Jaguar Wasn’t Boring: The XK Engine – Jag-lovers

Rarely have we seen a single quote so harshly sum up the current state of Jaguar:

Today, Jaguar […] builds some luxurious, yet mostly boring vehicles. However, back in its independent days, the brand was responsible for some of the most exciting roadworthy and racing machines of the era, many of which were powered by the glorious XK straight-six.

– Vlad Radu, writing in Auto Evolution

Strong words, and very bad news for Jaguar. If there’s one thing the Jaguar brand can’t survive, considering its storied past and the lure of the leaping cat, it’s being considered boring by the automotive press, and by customers.

Speaking of the past, Vlad goes on to describe the development and history of the XK engine, as well as the success it enjoyed, spanning a decades-long production run.

The full article is available here.


Totally agree, and it pains me to say that. It seems like every decision they’ve made over the past ten years makes the brand less exciting. I think they’ve allowed themselves to be too influenced by what everyone else is doing, and in turn, lost what made Jaguar special and desirable.

You’re right gunnar… The guy is spot on.