WTB Low mileage good condition XJS v12 wanted

Hello everyone, I have come to a position in life where I can justify an additional Jaguar. I am looking to buy a preferably red Jaguar XJS V12. I am not super picky on years I am looking to get the best-condition XJS for the money as this is going to (maybe foolishly) be a daily driver. The big things for me are NO rust, very good condition “cream” interior (some small wear from normal use is fine), and preferably under 75k miles but for the right car I might consider higher. While i would prefer a car with no faults, I am well aware that is unreasonable to ask of a 40-year-old Jag. I am willing to accept some minor mechanical issues. I am very comfortable with doing all the work on the car as I have experience working on the V12’s and XK6’s in the past.

Looking to spend between $10,000 and 15,000 but willing to move that around a bit for the right car.

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Right here in River City… :slight_smile:

The later face lift XJS have much better corrosion protection. The 6.0 V12 with the GM 4l80e transmission are the best and most reliable of the V12 XJS cars. I know because I have two. One I have had for 18 years the other is the one I have listed here for sale. I am 20 min outside of Richmond VA.

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Wow, it looks like a beautiful example! Is it possible to get any pictures of the underside of the car? Specifically around the rear radius arm mounts and jack pints. You know, the usual rust areas on these cars.

Also, can you tell me more about the circumstances of the rebuilt title?

My Series III V12 is my daily driver. I love it. Takes some time and committment to sort everything out but it’s certainly doable.

Some problems crop up from time to time but that’s life with 30-40 year old cars.

Sadly, rust will be the undoing of my Jag. It’s taking hold. [sigh] . Runs like a watch. Its like the spirit is willing but the body isn’t capable.


Not the bullet holes?


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Is this a fake/reproduction TWR bodykit on this XJS? https://vmp.ebay.com/ebay/viewAllPhotos.aspx?smid=74363895