XJ engine in a Mark 2, Generator do not fit

Hello Jaglovers, I have a problem with an XJ6 engine transform in a Mark 2 engine. The is a big hole in the back of the camcovers, where the Generator is.
The Cam’s I cannot use to fit a Generator, there is no tread in it.
How can I resolve this problem?

You can fit a Generator on the back , take cam out and tap it , that’s what I did , or fit the xj6 cam cover , blank it off , or fit the Generator and grind off the drive dog !!
You can see a alloy plug in the XJ6 Cam , I drilled that out taped a thread then added the drive , all with the cam out of course !!

I made mine look like a 340 engine , only give away is the HS8 Carbs !

Or as an alternative, I think you could get a later type tachometer that runs off the ignition system.

Hi Ian, looks beautifull, so only buying a generator and make a connection with the cam plus put a aluminium piece in the cam cover.
That’s a good solution, thanks.

Hi John, yes I thought it can be runs from the ignition system, but do not know what I have to buy, then.
I put an eletronish modul in the ignition distributor, that’s maybe not enough.
Which tachometer do I have to buy?

Hi Frank , if you look at my first picture , that is a XJ6 engine with the early cam cover on it , second picture is a trial fit on the Generator , I did drill and tap the 3rd mounting hole on the xj6 engine , as marked on the 1st picture , the other 2 holes are on the head already , still with me , lol
looking at the second picture left hand cam , your see another opinion you have , just use the Jaguar half moon shaped rubber grommets !

You can use the XJ6 Oil feed to the cams , it bolts straight into the top of the MK2 Oil filter housing , just need to go over to a mechanical oil pressure gauge !

I think that Jaguar went to Smiths ignition fed tachometers about 1967 on sedans and E Types but others may be able to confirm.

Yes Ian, I did connect the oil line straight from the oil filter to the head.
The early engine’s were different, the cams had hole’s in them. Now the hole’s are in the head.

Think you miss understood me Frank , looks like you still have the XJ6 oil filter housing , don’t think it will fit in the engine bay with out cutting some body !
The MK2 oil filter housing bolts straight on , to the XJ6 block !

Yes Ian, I thought that too, but I had a conversation with someone how was willing to sold the original oil filter housing, because he had fix a Jaguar XJ6 oil filter housing in his Mark 2 car, so I didn’t buy the original oil filter housing.

Hi Ian, I did made the alu blocks in the head, took me two days, waiting now for the generator, must make the hole then, plus the thread, don’t have the drive dog, however.
You didn’t say something about the motor mounts, engine brackets, they really different and not on the right place. The XJ engine mounts are almost in the middle, but in the Mark 2 at the front. Do I have to bore and make some new hole’s with threads?

Hi Frank , yes the XJ6 engine mounts are diffrent , but the XJ6 block has the same mounting points at the front as a MK2 , so MK2 mounts bolt straight on the front of the XJ6 block

I see the engine on the xk engine post , did you know you will need a 1 inch spacer under the anti roll bar , to clear the xj6 sump ?
Still say you need a MK2 filter housing :blush:

From memory when I had my 3.8 dropped into my ‘S’ back in <>’84/5 they had to remove the filter to get the engine in, I remember because I was sitting in the car during the first start up and reporting that the oil pressure was not registering. Turns out they hadn’t connected the filter back correctly and it was bleeding the oil out to ground.

Ian, your very helpfull to me, Today I had to finish the engine, The guy wants the engine this weekend, so I told him about this problem. He only have to buy the brackets, they are the same of the e type engine.
Thanks a lot.

No problem , that xj6 water pump may be a bit tight , the MK2 pump bolts straight on , and normally the engine breather outlet faces left , as you look at the engine , and feeds the carbs !
Ps be carful installing the engine , as it is longer , the cam oil feed pipes come very close to the engine stabaliser mount on the bulk head :+1:

It might be just the angle the photo has been taken but there does look like there might be a slight overlap on the WP pulley?

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