XK timing cover interchangeability

I’m interested to know if the XK120’s C2238/1 timing cover is essentially the same as the later C8614/1 which I think was fitted to XK150/early 3.8 E-Type?

What I’m thinking is, if the C8614/1 cover is designed for a lip seal for the front of the crank, it might be an easier option than trying to machine the early type so the seal fits it… I’m planning to fit the metal-cased seal as supplied by Terry’s with the new O-ring type distance piece. Hopefully, the sump will not require machining.

I want to cure this dratted oil leak once and for all. Third time lucky??

Might be interchangable, but consider that the cover needs to be decked at the same time as the block. It would be a miracle to find one that has been cut the same as yours.

There’s a basic difference, in the lower right hand mounting, of the two styles.
see attached.

Good luck.


Good point, Mitchell. I think I’m going to go with the seal conversion from Terry’s which is designed for the XK120. In view of the outrageous postage cost, I’m going to have them send it to a relative in the US who is coming over to England in the summer.

No. The bolt pattern is different.

Wow, thanks! That means the block must be different too.

Indeed. But the biggest difference is the XK120 gear-type oil pump and front main cap. They are completely different from the later style and not convertible or interchangeable.

You learn things every day!

To expand on the topic a bit, the difference also extends to the oil sump. On the XK120 block, the front half of the sump baffle mounts to the main caps, not the sump, as is the case on everything later. That difference, combined with the difference in the oil pump mounting, means that the oil sump used on the XK120 blocks shouldn’t really be used on the later engine blocks.

As I think can be seen in these pictures, Mike.

Man! It’s been sooo long since I saw a 120 engine–maybe not since 1975–I’d plumb forgotten all that!

Hi, I used the C2238 instead of the original mounted C2238/1 on my 53’ xk120. With a few shorter bolts it did fit perfectly!

You probably haven’t seen too many of these 6-bolt cranks, either, Paul. My very experienced engine builder had never seen one, and he’s been doing XK engines for 30+ years.

Nope! Haven’t seen many!

I was always astonished that TR2/3/4 flys, not insubstantial ones were held on by only FOUR bolts!

The six bolt flywheel was on engines W1001 to W2645.
The pushrod engines had four bolt flywheels.

The difference between timing cover C2238 and C2238/1 is the thickness at three of the bolt holes near the bottom.
I took some measurements.
Timing cover seal slot 2.554" dia. x .499" w
Sump seal slot 2.610" dia. x .502" w
Crankshaft sleeve 1.993" dia. x .821" t
Therefore the rope seal ought to measure a little over 1/4" x 1/2" x 4" lg.
As I recall I had to file mine a little bit on the ID to get the timing cover and sump to fit. If I had a 2" round bar I could have set it on the seal and hammered on that. I’ll bet that’s what the factory guy did.
It seems to work, not much leak such that I would care about it.

That fits, Rob - my engine is W2604-7

My Terry’s seal conversion is on its way. I expect delivery early next week. I’ll report on how it fits, though in the 3.4 litre engine upgrade thread. Stay tumed.

Addendum. Sounds right. The front rope seal I received from one of the better known usuals measures 1/2” x 1/2”, squeezed into a micrometer. Grossly oversized.


Interested to hear how it goes, Nick.

Here’s a video of the lip seal conversion offered by Terry’s Jaguar.

Edit: correction, the metal ring around the seal is steel, not aluminum.

Edit 2. I didn’t have the seal fully seated when I took the video. It’s actually a close fit.


Just ordered one.