XKE 1970 S2 with Britax Locking Column Ignition Switch - Success!

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Hello all once again - I think I have figured it out. I was able to drill out the tapered pin and free the barrel assembly - I drilled just over 1/4" in depth (then tapped for 10-32 set screw in place of the pin) - I then rotated the barrel 180 degrees. Simple enough, but then I found that in order for the key to work in its new position, I needed to also modify the retaining disk on the back of the tumbler. Britax sure didn’t make this easy as the disk was originally riveted in place - no simple pin release or snap ring. I thought about removing the rivets, rotating 180 degrees and re-riveting but decided to mill another slot - see pics. I guess you could also use a die grinder or Dremel tool to create the new slot. This sure would have been much simpler if the original would have just been made with two slots to begin with. The final pic shows the final result - I can read the thing now! Thanks for looking at the post and I hope this may help someone out who is looking at an upside-down Britax locking column ignition switch. All the best to you! Erik (Oakland654)

Fine work!

Like a lot of the 1960’s cars they didn’t expect that they’d still be going in 10 years, never mind 60.

Looks like you were pretty much on your own with this one. Appreciate you sharing your solution!