Any feedback on xemodex abs rebuilder

My abs unit is needing rebuild in my 1995 xjs. I see a company xemodex offers repair service of abs module for only 200 and am wondering if they are any good?

Hi Glen,

Considering quality of workshop services these days, in such circumstances - first quesrion to investigate is:

Why do you think your ABS unit needs rebuild?

Bye Glen.

The guy I bought my car from said that Coventry Jaguar of San Diego diagnosed it as needing a new abs module and it was a common fault on these cars. The break light is on, so abs system is not working.


The guy who told the guy whom you’ve purchased your XJS from was a scammer, money-grabber - the probability is above 90%.

In addition, 90% of the people involved in performing any works on your XJS ABS system - were explaining and still explaining their system bleeding failures with this “common fault”.

That’s why I’ve started from my first question. Not that I care about your wallet, just saying… Jaguar Specialist is Jaguar Specialist, is it not.

Oh. And by the way, your ABS system has nothing to do with the legendary-fake-common-fault-bad-fame mentioned earlier and highlighted even on this forum with autistic determination. Your ABS unit in 1995 model is generation younger.

Any suggestion on how to start a proper diagnosis of the problem? It seems you are suggesting that the system just needs to be properly bled? Thanks

Show a picture of the fluid reservoir for the brakes on your car. There were two completely different ABS systems used in 1995. The later systems in the so-called 1995.25 cars have different procedures.


That’s the late, much better, system.

So can we start all over? First of all, it would have been helpful to know a lot more of the details of your car and the problem.

We now know you have the Teves IV ABS System. That’s good.

Now tell us what light is on. I know you mentioned BRAKE light, but I just want to be absolutely sure that the light you think is on, is the light we all think is on. Use the link below to identify which light is on.

Oh, my. You have “The Genuine Manual”. That’s nice. Rhere is a diagnostic process on your ABS system. The good thing is - it’s a modern system, every skilled and open-minded workshop will know how to do this (wtih your genuine owner’s manual - just don’t try doing this yourself). Even wheel sensor with broken wire will give you this warning light, while there is mothing really to rebuild in your ABS unit.

It is the yellow anti-lock light coming on. The light comes on as soon as you start the car. I have obtained a service manual and perfomed a basic tests for the condition stated (light coming on as soon as car is started).

No fuses are blown. Wheel speed sensors all measure with proper resistance 1100R at the 28 pin multi-plug connector from the ABS CM. Continuity to ground ffrom ABS CM harness connections 13 and 14 check fine. Voltage between ABS CM harness connection 14 and connections 1 and 2 respectively are also good. With Ignition switch on harness connections between 14 and 15 approximate battery voltage.

The manual states that given the above I should renew ABS CM. However, I already sent the ABS CM to Xemodex abs rebuilder for re-manufacture. They said they did find some open circuits which were repaired. So, at this point I am not sure what to do. It seems like the ABS comes on as soon as you turn ignition, like the code might just be stuck in there and needs to be cleared? I’ve disconnected the battery and letting it sit overnight so hopefully any stored codes are cleared. Any other advice would be helpful. thanks!

Just to be clear, you have received the ABS CM and reinstalled it with no change?

yes, that is correct

The ABS will not self-test then clear until the car hits 15mph.

Have you plugged in an OBD2 reader for codes? I don’t think the ABS codes come up on a standard OBD2 reader…however people here have expressed success with iCarsoft i930 for Jaguar and Land Rovers

thank you so much Veekay!!! I will buy this and check the codes.

Is yoyr car a 6 cylinder or a V12? If it is a V12, the reader won’t work. No code reader other than the Jaguar PDS will read codes on a V12. The reader MIGHT work on a 6. Note that the covered models for the reader does not include the XJS.


It is a 6 cylinder 4.0L

reading some other threads on this topic im thinking its probably an issue with the ecu. well hopefully the reader works for abs codes and i get this sorted soon!

I have no direct experience with this device, so I can’t vouch for it.

I believe Amazon may sell it for less. There also seem to be newer models?

I received the scanner and it works!!!

It came up with 5 error codes for the left rear wheel speed sensor. I was able to clear the codes and the light went off. I then drove the car down the street and the light immediately came back on. I rescanned and it showed C1261 error for left rear speed sensor. This is the same thing the mechanic told me, so I already replaced the left rear wheel speed sensor as well as the right with good tested ones from Jagbits a reputable Jaguar parts dealer. Any suggestions on what it could be if the speed sensor is good?