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I was VERY disappointed not seeing any interior shots when you did the Leno show. Now I get it. Is the interior in the development stage ? Any chance it could be a Hot Wheels ? That would way cool. Love seeing this stuff.

Christmas Cocktail


Almost worth buying just for the can.

Do they refill them or are they one time use?

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John … both … this was off the shelf , as snowmobile season / racing is here ,so walk into a Royal distributing store and 20 + cans on the floor …
I have 4 empty ones so spring will go get filled …


661 followers Not bad.

Please continue to send pics

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Didn’t know cheesecake pix were allowed… I have a few of those!

They’re my favourite!!!

IIll get on it today!!!

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Summer in the City… a day cruising…
Mile Zero on the Trans Canada Highway, (Pacific Side)


XJ-S Puppy Collection


The new toy, '66 4.2 60K miles, dark green opalescent, black interior


Welcome to the forum, John! Beautiful car.

Welcome! We look forward to stories!

Here is the “story” on the car.

I bought it from a friend in late fall 2018 who bought it from the subject of the story in 2015. The car has had very little mileage put on it since the extensive refreshing. It’s numbers matching, in original factory colors and has a fair amount of originality to it. Just the right amount of patina for me. I have receipts going back to 1975. I’ve been sorting it out over winter (cosmetically) and this spring (mechanically) and have it running very well, as good as it looks. In the picture, the seats are original except for the driver bolsters and center armrest and I’ve put the original steering wheel and shift knob back on. This site has been helpful to me. The car is a blast.


Kind of overlooked this thread for quite a while.
Here’s a couple from this year’s east coast oil leak tour and the latest Annapolis cars n’ coffee.

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I’m really drawn to that 1966 (or 1967) Dodge Charger. I had one the same color. Kind of wish I still did.

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Looking forward to posting this!

Is the top pic Annapolis?

Biltmore Estate

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The row of various cars with two E’s is Annapolis harbor.

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