New XJC V12 in my garage


in a previous post in April I was tempted to purchase a nice sampel of XJC V12 but with a non-running HE engine coming from a series 3
I abandoned this project but not the chase for a XJC, and I recently could acquire a 1975 dark blue V12 sample
Needs some work, but the engine is running beautifully, and has seemingly genuine 72000 km on the clock
here it is “unveiled”
french origin
on the work list:
. refurbish seats / interior
. remove tanks for cleaning and internal treatment
. new paint
. new vinyl roof


USA members are very jealous of your bumpers.

But you know any XJC picture must be taken from side, with windows down. It’s the law.


Very nice! Congratulations. Many miles of smiles ahead.

Jeff H.

Nice find. I wish you many happy safe miles.

Fantastic find! The french “vignettes” on the windshield adds authenticity.

Romain : well spotted ! last in 1995 ; alas I will have to change the windshield (current one is split) but I’ll try to keep one
John: I promiss to post better pictures in the near future

I agree with @John6 side pics with windows down are mandatory :grin:

the windows are so slow that I have to refurbish them before being able to take a picture !

first job is to remove the 2 fuel tanks as the car is moving with a provisional tank

1st step is to remove the rear bumper; the right main nut wouldn’t come, the bolt behind is turning at the same time; does not prevent to remove the half wing, but I’ll have to find a solution for the right side

2nd step: remove the half wing

3rd step : remove all fluids in the tank

4th step : unscrew 3 bolts , one in the boot, one just by the silencer and last one close to the end of the exhaust
out !

1st rinsing does not give much confidence…

even after removing the water/fuel, lots of residue

special “Restom” internal treatment planned for tomorrow


That tank is definitely aweful.
Good luck coating it with Restom. I have never done it but lots of Jags owners do it that way here in France (for non Eu readers).

I am less and less confident in the possibility to recover this tank; the internal lines are clogged and the internal filter too

I have launched the overnight treatment , we’ll see tomorrow
I’ve done a Restom treatment before on my 1971 Lancia 2000ie, one year after it still working

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Salut Rolando,

If the internal line are clogged and compressed air can’t clean them, there is not much you can do.

The internal filter should be discarded and replaced with external, and serviceable, in-line fuel filters before the pump.

I saw somewhere someone had filled the tank with fine gravel and some kind of rust removal product, tied it to a cement mixer…! Apparently it worked very well.

Or get yourself new tanks from Spectra Premium in Canada.

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thanks Aristides and Eric
Eric: being in France, the shipping cost and import taxes from Canada will probably exceed the value of the tank ! (398€ incl VAT at SNG Barratt)
Aristides: yes I will have an external fuel filter, but the return line still has to remain inside
I have applied the degreaser / cleaner from Restom overnight, we’ll see what the result is like this monring
yesterday air wouldn’t go into the lines

I cleaned a tank with gravel and anti-rust product with reasonable results. The tank was from a Ford 1932 car but it was in much better conditions that what I can see here and its cylindric regular shape helped. In this case it would be far more difficult. Nothing that could not be tried out but I would definitely go for new tanks in this case.

Maybe the PO was trying to make the car running on sea water ? :slight_smile:

Best luck

yes it’s much easier when you do not have welded internal pipes or filters
some progress this night with the first step of the Restom treatment
however I decided to go for new ones as it would be so discouraging to refit this one after improvment only to pull on the shoulder 3 months later tbecause it is clogged again…
the seller told me about it , so no surprise and somehow “budgeted” expense


They sure don’t look good…

Just wondering what a bath with citric acid might do?


actually the main debris are not made of rust, but of desintegrated internal coating/varnish
new tanks are zinc coated, but will it last forever ?

In USA we have something called Evaporust and its more affordable cousin Rust 9-11. Continuously pumping this product through a rusty gas tank for a few days will leave it spotless. I have a 1953 Arnolt MG where the gas tank was a fabricated Italian thing that would cost thousands to remake. The deteriorating metal was ending up in the carbs and plugging up the filters. Rust 9-11 solved everything. It’s a rust chelation product, not a converter.

On my XJ12 I replaced the tanks with the spectra Premium brand you can get on Amazon or from SNG Barratt. Good tanks, all the weird threads are correct.

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