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I made a point of never shutting it off since this morning, and when I parked and pulled up to the front door of Candie’s place, it registered 40.1 mpg. Not bad for a pickup!



A little bit of NZ :heart:

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I don’t think that the word “amateur” should have negative connotations even though it is often used to imply poor or shoddy work. “Amateur” derives from the Latin word, “amare” which means love. The old adage, “Find something that you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life” applies to the fortunate ones who get paid for doing what they might do for free if they didn’t have to eat. “Amateur” in its best sense certainly applies to most of the members of this fantastic forum.


As you correctly inferred, I was trying to avoid the negative connotation. Thanks for straightening me out!

So, as with any job on almost any car, the job is not done, until there’s blood!

In the particular case of early goingson out here, I gouged my old guy skin, which is not a big deal: I can brush up against an air molecule and end up bleeding.

As I’m working, I am look up in. Dr. Candie is applying Band-Aids to my arm… :slight_smile:


Prime, same day



Forgot to bring mine…:pleading_face:

And here i thought i was the only one with that affliction. I’m about to drop the gas tank in my daughter’s car which is sure to draw blood. Most everything I do these days does!

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Wiggie just mentioned an old guy issue, " I gouged my old guy skin". I’m at the point where I can look at my arm and yell at it and watch a bruise appear.

The good thing about getting older is that time goes by faster, and under current circumstances, that is good.
LLoyd Nolan, June, or maybe July 2020


Speaking of Burt - has Candie seen “The Worlds Fastest Indian”?

I think she’d enjoy it


I used to have a shelf for various things like that at my old shop but when I shut it down, I threw them all in the junk… Probably should’ve done that!

And on just which shelf in your RV would they be placed?? :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Had I saved them, they would be on your shop wall… :slight_smile:

Since you are actively posting, I assume you have completed Day 1 of you ministrations on Candies’ 68 E-Type and are back “home” with Candie and Tim.

What news? - was the carburation the first pestilence to be eradicated?

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  • Tim fixed the radiator leak simply by tightening the lower hoses, so the bonnet did not have to come off, and the radiator did not have to come out.

  • I replaced the crush washers on the cam feed oil pipe: the reason they were leaking was whoever put the thing together tried to put plain copper washers in there. They never work! I put in the proper jaguar crush washers and voilà! No leakie!

  • I snugged up the pan bolts, and siliconed some of the threads on them, and that sealed up the seeps from there.

  • I began troubleshooting and tracing out the wiring for the fans, but I haven’t quite solved that one yet: I think it’s a bad relay. I bought a standard Bosch style relay, and will work with that to make sure that the circuitry works correctly and then Candiece can get the proper relay to put in place of that.

  • The shop owner found an old 7/16" inch box end wrench, and we got out his fire ax and made a special tool to get to the brake bleeders on the back, and will bleed them tomorrow.

  • We got the clutch working by completing the bleed, and setting the replay on the operating fork. The clutch was not stuck, it was just not releasing all the way.

  • I checked the point gap, which was good, and reset the timing, and adjusted the carburetor linkage. It now idles, pretty smoothly and sounds great!

Tomorrow we will tackle the non-charging alternator, check the wiring for the various instruments that don’t seem to work, and maybe work a little bit on some other little bits and pieces here and there.


OK – BUT what did you do after lunch??

Slacker :smiling_imp: :crossed_fingers:


Wait a minute – – I was there (behind the camera) a year ago. That engine started on the first crank and ran without issue.

Somebody (well-intentioned though he may be) messed with the carb(s) in the interim. Someone needs to explain to the garage owner where the Jag is currently stored the etymology of carb:

The name “carburetor” is derived from the verb carburet (Old French) , which means “to combine with carbon or Hydrocarbons”. Which in turn is derived from the Old Latin karbâtor which is hard to translate but breaks down to the English phrase "don’t fù¢♂ with this’.


Somewhere, Dick Kane is smiling down on ya!

Going to affix a “Do not touch” sign.


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