Rubber door seals door not closing

(toothboy) #1

Dear Jag Lovers, When I received my 1970 2+2 it did not have any of the door seals. I have installed all of the new rubber door seals ,body and on window frame, on just the passenger side of the car. I did remove the door to do the seal work and reinstalled the door. Everything seams to line-up but I can’t get the door to close all the way. I really think it’s a seal issue. Has anyone run into the same problem and have you found a fix?

Thanks much,

(Paul Wigton) #2

Are they sponge foam, or the original-style hollow tube seals?

If the former, that is the most likely cause.

(toothboy) #3

Dear Wiggles, They are the hollow tube seals. It really seams to be near the hing area.


(toothboy) #4

Any idea where to get the sponge foam seals?


(Paul Wigton) #5

No, because they don’t work.

(toothboy) #6

Ok thanks much for the info.


(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #7

:smile: …and 20…

(Tony Koschinsky ) #8

Paul, did you mean to say “If the former”? If not, you’ve confused the hell out of the OP.

In either event, the seals I got from one of the usuals were too big and stiff and the doors did not shut either. I got a set from that fit much better, but still required a bit of a slam. After a year, though, they settled in and work quite nicely.


(Paul Wigton) #9

Sorry: the former! thanks for the correction!

(Geoff Allam) #10

Alf. The other supplier that gets mentioned favorably is C.O.H.Baines out of England. Disclaimer. I have not tried their seals myself but it is a name that is frequently mentioned in these discussions and is where I plan to source the seals for my car for what it is worth. It is also often mentioned that trimming some of the thickness off the seals helps.

(toothboy) #11

Thanks so much for the discussion on this. It’s been kind of a pain but I’m in the home stretch. I will do some research and give an update on how it works out.


(Philip Hurlston) #12

FYI, they sell the sponges:

“Door Sponge Seals, Moulded to fit A Posts, Sills and Shut Pillars. 6 pce. Car set”

I had problem with my passenger door closing and not sitting flush. After a lot of playing around I determined it was the seal along the bottom of the door opening. I ran a razor blade along the door sill to cut it flush and now the door shuts properly and sits flush with the body.

(alodmd) #13

Hi, I have also used C.O. Baines in the UK, they are the most correct fitting ones I have seen other than NOS

(Nick Saltarelli) #14

Door seals have been an ongoing issue. Some comparison pics here:

and the followup adding C.O. Baines offerings to the comparison:

(Paul Wigton) #15

Nick, the link in the second window just routes me back to the homepage, of all the forums…?

(Stewart Martel) #16

My doors took a bit of persuasion to close after fitting new seals i.e slam them. two months on and they seem to be behaving better now (compression?)…

(toothboy) #17

Dear Jag lovers,
At the recommendation of some of you to contact MacGregor British Car Parts for the rubber seals for my E-type, I did. I ordered the complete door and and some of the window seals. I just want to thank you guys because my doors now close. The installation of the A pillar seals were much easier to install than the hollow hard rubber seal I installed first. Martin MacGregor is a very nice gentleman to deal with and seems very knowledgeable about the products he sells.

Thanks so much again for you help,