Stereo Upgrades (again)

OK , I think I’m going to pull the pin and install a new stereo. Trying to keep a retro look. Goes a little against my original thought of keeping the original stereo but I think its time to move on. One side of the cars speakers are intermittent at best.
I’m thinking I would try and shoe horn in a small amp and upgrade the speakers but to keep the same size and original look.
I’m thinking of going with something like this. Also wanting to get a CD player in there.

I went with this. Luckily the Jag radio is standard size. I just had to fit the sleeve that came with new stereo. You will have to hard wire Jag plug to new stereo plug.

You can get so many choices now, w/ or w/o CD, and not that expensive. My Alpine was only $120. Plenty of power, didn’t need a separate amp. My main need was Bluetooth. So nice having my smartphone connected. I ditched CDs a long time ago.

If you go with a super high quality stereo, the door speakers are quite small so not sure how good a speaker you can find.

My first choice would be the Continental (VDO)

If you want Blaupunkt I would instead go for the 400 (4 preamp outputs) or 200 (2 preamp outputs) series.
Both have multiple illumination choices so they will not look out of place.



Lots of choices for 5.25" speakers, get good one way Mid-bass ones and add tweeters at the dash or under the dash.

That’s what I did, it’s on a saloon but the principles are the same.

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This is also a good look for an 80s car. There are 3 models, this is the middle one. RetroSound Grand Prix M2B Digital media receiver styled to match vintage BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche vehicles — does not play CDs at Crutchfield
But at $149, the VDO/Continental is hard to beat.

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I have the Continental/VDO in my Land Rover. Needless to say, a Defender is not what I would call a “good sound stage”, so I can’t comment on its opera like abilities on sound, but I can say that it does everything I need it to do. Certainly, its Bluetooth works well, and it always pairs with my phone. I can use the phone for calls, podcasts, music, and Audible. For the price, it’s a good deal. My only gripe with buying another for the Jag is the “orange” screen would look odd in the rest of the cockpit. I wish they’d make it in green as well.

On the Conti/VDO: Did you run the external mic cable, or do you find the internal mic to be good enough for hands-free calls?

Thanks Aristides, although not the same level of audiophile as yourself, I really would have liked to find the same head unit that you have.
I looked long and hard at the Continental but I wasn’t sold on the orange screen, and I just kept coming back to the Blaupunkt. This one isn’t quite the look I wanted but it is billed a a retro style and has some sturdy features for repelling dust in the CD player and will handle some vibration.
It would have been nice if it had the green display, but they have a great return policy if I don’t like it.
I’ll give it a whirl. Going to one of our high end car audio shops for the install so I’ll report back.

I ran the microphone, but to be honest the 300TDi is NOT a quiet engine, so I can’t tell you about the internal mic.

For the XJS, I’m considering spending more on a hidden car stereo. It would leave the dash intact, and run everything through the phone. Mark 4 - Out of Sight Audio

I get wanting the retro style, but i prefer bringing my XJS into the 21st century with lots of lights. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can decide what’s best for you regarding the head unit.

There are 6.25" speakers that will fit in the front doors. The rears will hold them too. Alpine SPS-610 and JBL Stadium GTO 620 fit.

Make sure it’s not the Alpine 610c, which are the component speakers. You can use them, but it’s a lot more work.

I added an Alpine KTA-30FW amplifier, but what really made the difference was adding a powered subwoofer (Kenwood KSC-SW11)…holy cow, that’s what you want to do, and I’m not banging my head, or thumping the car…it just finally allows me to hear the full range of music in the car. It is sooooo enjoyable.

The Blaupunkt ones that I’ve posted have multiple colour display, green included.

This would be my choice but its about a grand…

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Looks great, I’ve juSt ordered mine from the UK.
I have about half dozen items to knock off my list. Sound system was one of them time to to have some fun with this car!

Aristides, if you don’t mind, can you post your extensive upgrades again? I was looking in the archives and did not find it.
My head unit has arrived, now I’m looking at the correct size, amp , speakers maybe sub and tweeters to compliment it but also conceal in the car.
I’m going in for my consultation and I want to send my experts down the right path.
Thank you in advance.

What is that?

It’s further up the thread, but here it is again:

Thank you , that’s a really nice set up Aristides.
It shows a lot of pride in your workmanship.
I bet it sounds as good as it looks. It complements the car very well.

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This head unit is available from Jaguar classic, its a German made Kremer unit, that Porsche also offer for their classics.

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Not quite as nice, but just installed this Blaupunkt. Not available stateside. Ordered from Germany via eBay. Very pleased.

Are you able to pick up US radio stations?