XJ12C 1975 fuel pump change

Apparently the fuel pump on the series 2 XJ12 fuel injection (75 on) is obsolete and the suggested replacement is the XJ6 series 3 fuel pump. Does anyone have experience with this replacement

If it is the same one then it is a standard Bosch item and best bought there. Clamp the hoses and then install it. Watch polarity. It’s just a pump.
If it had banjo fittings then look for a pump with such fittings?

Actually, pretty much any fuel pump designed for a 300 hp EFI engine will work. Some have opted for newer turbine pumps.

Second that, David - as Kirbert says; any ‘300 hp’ pump will do. It’s more a matter of fitting and mating the pump and hoses - and the xj6 pump should be a straight fit…?

xj6 85 Sopv Europe (UK/NZ)

The plural “filters” leads me to ask: More than one? You must be careful not to put too much resistance in that suction line or your fuel pumps will get noisy.

We have two tanks Kirbert, two inlets to the pump and a switchover valve on the SIII/SII, or two pumps on the SI.
Also note the motorised fuel valve instead of the electromagnetic original valve that always gets stuck or cross leaks.